Thursday, June 3, 2010

YouTube Blog Post

I have used YouTube in my classroom on several occasions. The amount of information posted on this site is incredible, and a lot of the educational videos are posted by students. One of the drawbacks is YouTube only allows users to post videos shorter than 10 minutes. As a football coach, one of my jobs is to create hi-light films of my players for college coaches to view; using YouTube as the medium allows any and all coaches to view the film so the student athlete doesn't have to send each school a file or DVD. I've provided a couple of examples on a previous post. If you are teaching in a classroom or school without internet service or the internet is down, you can convert and save YouTube videos for viewing anytime without internet access using a free program called "any video converter". In a weight training class a teacher can show video on proper form and technique, and students can post videos on their own performances and personal records. The possibilities are endless.

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