Saturday, May 15, 2010

New blog

This is a new and free blog for offensive line coaches and players of all levels to discuss anything new or different involving offensive line play. I have been coaching o-line for 11 years at the college and high school level; I am primarily a "zone guy" but I have experience coaching in a flex-bone, triple option system. I am particularly interested in discussing protections, both schemes and techniques. I look forward to hearing about anything other coaches and players have to say.


  1. Id love to see some of your pass blocking schemes. Do you have anything on the computer you could throw up. 1 step, 3 step, 5 step. Do you use Zone blocking for all pass blocking as well?

  2. Hey coach! i heard your podcast and thought i had to check out your blog! I played d-tackle 4-3 and d-end 3-4 in college and am now coaching the o/d-line for the first year at my old high school. I am new to the o-line and may have a few questions for you as the season comes closer. Our head coach is a little old school and runs the wing-t like it just came out. We use the "gap-down-backer" tech on just about every play and block with the head, forearm, and elbow triangle. You have any experience with these techniques? Any advice? I have never seen a block made without the hands so this is quite new. Anyway i look forward to hearing from you and spending more time in our masters program together.